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Ducati is an Italian company famous for the production of high-quality motorbikes, founded in 1926 by Antonio Cavalieri Ducati and his sons in Bologna. Originally, Ducati was a manufacturer of electrical components. Over the years, Ducati has made a name of itself as one of the most prestigious brand in the motorbike world.

Ducati motorbikes are known for their distinctive design, outstanding performance and advanced technology. The car manufacturer has a long history in racing. It has participated in races such as MotoGP and has achieved several successes and titles.

Ducati’s iconic models include the Monster, Panigale and Multistrada, each with its own characteristics and suitable for different types of riding, ranging from sporty to touring. Ducati is also famous for its continuous innovation, always challenging the limits of motorbike performances with powerful engines and advanced technologies.

The passion for design and engineering is evident in every aspect of Ducati motorbikes, from the eye-catching aesthetics to the technical precision. The brand has gained loyal fans around the world, thanks to its reputation for quality, performance and distinctive Italian style.

Ducati rider Francesco Bagnaia is Moto GP World Champion 2023.

It is possible to organise a visit to the Ducati factory and the company museum